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We carry out a realistic estimate based on your actual costs, location and type of roof or space.

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We are technically qualified to carry out any type of work in the field of photovoltaics.

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Self-consumption solar kits

Self-consumption solar kits

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Solar Kit + Battery

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Electric Mobility

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Yes, the warranty is 12 to 25 years, depending on the brand. You will always have this information at the time of the proposal.

Our equipment has an average lifetime of 25 years. 

It depends on your consumption profile. The investment can take 4 to 6 years to pay itself back. From then on, it's always a profit, bearing in mind that this equipment has a useful life of 25 years.

Yes, completely. Unlike other offers on the market that entice you with phased payments that ultimately prove more expensive, at the end of our work, all equipment and installation is yours.

Photovoltaic solar panels bring an obvious benefit for saving household energy consumption, but they need to be installed in a location with good sun exposure. This does not mean they need direct sunlight, but certain characteristics are essential to maximise their efficiency. In Portugal, sunlight is available all year round, so it is a great place for solar panel solutions. Solar panels need space for installation, either on a roof or on land, however we can say that it is viable in almost any situation. Ask for the simulation and find out how much it may cost you and what real savings you may have. 

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We carry out a realistic estimate based on your actual costs, location and type of roof or space.

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